Do you provide FREE estimates?

Yes we do. During the estimating stage, it's a great time for us to interact with you to discuss options, get to know your needs and build a relationship for mutual success on your project.

Is decorative concrete only for new construction projects?

NO! In fact, a large part of our business deals with renovations. We are very experienced in renovation projects that leave you with a beautiful, new floor.

How do I know what solution is best for me?

We have so many custom solutions to choose from, I'm sure we have just the right one waiting for you.

If you're not sure what you're interested in, schedule an appointment with us and we can help you decide your best options.

To start off choosing your solution, view our options and see what strikes you as interesting. We have everything from a basic stain, which is beautiful to high-end epoxy solutions and everything in between, like rustic yet warm wood planks.

When is the best time to begin my new construction floors with Concrete Revolution?

For new construction projects, we begin after the sheet rock has been floated, but before it is primed and painted.

There are times when we have exceptions to this rule; i.e.: scheduling conflicts, contractor commitments, etc.

What happens once Concrete Revolution begins my project?

Once we begin the cleaning and prep process, it is VERY IMPORTANT that no one but our crews have access to the area. If the area being worked on is a high traffic area, it's often times best to find alternate living arrangements while the project is going on.

After the solution is sealed and completely dry, you then have access back to that area.

For a renovation, what do I need to do?

You need to make sure the area is free from anything on the floor, furniture, plants, boxes, anything. You should have base boards, or at a minimum, the shoe molding removed so that we can get as close to the walls as possible.

What about any construction modifications like transition strips and moldings?

Concrete Revolution is not responsible for anything construction wise. We do not take care of base boards, shoe molding, transition strips, etc. This is all to be handled by the home owner before and/or after we are complete.