Meet Our Owner, Keefe

Our concrete contractor has years of experience serving the New Iberia & Lafayette, Louisiana area

Keefe, the owner of Concrete Revolution, LLC, founded the company over ten years ago. He was inspired by a decorative concrete floor he saw in a restaurant while on vacation. After years of research into the process and a good deal of personal experimentation, the art of decorative concrete became his passion.

Keefe started by completing side jobs here and there, and quickly discovered a real need for decorative and polished concrete. He started Concrete Revolution, LLC to provide interior and exterior decorative concrete services in New Iberia & Lafayette, Louisiana area.

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3 reasons to hire Concrete Revolution

For your home improvement project, you want a concrete contractor who knows how to coat your concrete flooring in durable and attractive stains and epoxy finishes. Choose Concrete Revolution in the New Iberia & Lafayette, Louisiana area because:

  1. We exercise exquisite attention to detail
  2. Our owner is hands-on with the project from start to finish
  3. He loves to create personalized designs for customers

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Awards and Recognitions:

  • 2013 Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Award
  • 2015 World of Concrete 1st Place Team Competition with Troy Lemon
  • 2015 Concrete Decor Show, Brawl in the Fall 1st Place- Indianapolis, IN
  • Presenter for Behind the TrowelsPresenter for World of Concrete
  • Presenter for Concrete Décor
  • Presenter for Concrete Décor Road Show

Local, National and International Publications: